Consultation on the regulation of self-care products


Consultation on the regulation of self-care products

The purpose of this consultation is to ask for comments on our proposed approach to regulating self-care products.

  • Health Canada is proposing a new structure for classifying self-care products that would be based on a product’s risk. In this case, the risk level of the product is determined by the safety of the product.
  • Under the proposed Framework, as a consumer, you would continue to have access to a wide range of self-care products.
  • Health Canada would not be reviewing and approving products in the lowest risk group, and this would be a significant change for some products.
  • Health Canada does not seek to limit or restrict access to products that pose minimal risk to Canadians. Rather, HC are seeking ways to continue to provide consumers with access to a wide range of choices of self-care products and make the necessary information available to support informed decision-making.
  • For higher-risk products, Health Canada would review and approve all products before they could legally be sold in Canada.

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