Dr. J’s Formulas
stands for the first letter of the formulator’s first name (Jalal). Dr. Jalal is a nutritionist by qualification. In 1981, he obtained his doctorate degree from University of London (UK). Since then, Dr. J. has worked for different sectors in various countries. He is well known for his well-received books and scientific publications.
In 2001, Dr. J. retired from the last job with Abbott Laboratories to open a consulting office in Canada. Dr. J. assisted companies from all over the world to fulfill Health Canada (HC) regulations. For example, many foreign manufacturing sites were seeking Dr. J support to get the HC site license (The GMP certificate). But more significantly is that, Dr. J. assisted many overseas companies to get HC approval for their products (obtaining the product license). Consequently, Dr. J. gained a very good experience in assessing the safety and efficacy of each single ingredient in the product and in determining the extent to which the product medical claim is supported traditionally or clinically.

Obviously, Dr. J. understanding of Health Canada regulations allowed him to transform HC requirements to formulate the most effective and safe products. Accordingly, all his formulas are licensed by Health Canada. In brief, it is noticeable that Dr. J’s scientific knowledge is well reflected in his products. Namely, Dr. J. sells science in his bottles.

“Holy Land Traditional Medications Inc.”
With such unique experience and education, Dr. J., recently, established a new company in Ontario, Canada (as a sister company of QMRS). The new company is incorporated federally under the name “Holy Land Traditional Medications Inc.”. The company scope of work is to import and export health products. Accordingly, till now the company received over 100 approvals (market authorization) from Health Canada.

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